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Margaret Duffy

A Hanging Matter

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Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 7

Patrick Gillard, with a new post at Army Staff College, is bored now he is no longer working for MI5. Then everything changes when he is suddenly arrested for the murder of the undercover policeman, referred to as Commander X, who was behind the school for terrorists in Wales. His body was found on the shore of a Scottish loch some time previously and new evidence points to Patrick. Ingrid Langley, his wife, is left with no choice but to investigate in an effort to clear his name. No stranger to the case and the world of the secret services, this is to be her most difficult assignment yet. With a General Election looming she discovers the arrest is part of a political plot to discredit the Opposition and it seems that no one is willing to give her any assistance. Finally, she has no choice but to revisit the disused mining complex in Wales where the nightmare began.

(Allison and Busby 2001)

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