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August 2017

Now that Murders.Com has been published and I’m working on Stone Cold, Stone Dead there has been an opportunity to resurrect, and that is a good way of putting it, a sci-fi novel that I had indeed given up for dead. That was how I started, with sci-fi, and after writing three and not having any luck with them with publishers I switched to crime writing. Readers might be interested to know that Patrick Gillard was once a Space Fleet officer (no, not in the United States, the UK) by the name of Ric Dancey. He had a walk-on part in Chimera and refused point-blank to leave the stage. There was no choice when I gave up on sci-fi but bring him back to the present day, changing his name.

Later, having had some success with the Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley series I wrote another sci-fi story, Mindspinner, from which I borrowed an engaging alien in order to create the children’s tale Archangel Jim, now an ebook. Before that Mindspinner was sent to a publisher who made an offer to publish. The offer was very low and, hoping for better things, I turned it down. Years later, now, they have expressed an interest in it. It needs re-writing as it’s dated and over-long and I intend to do it under a new title The Killing Mind.

Do watch this space.

August 12th, 2017

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