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As I mentioned in my last update, Wyndham Books are starting to republish all my novels in ebook and print on demand format. The first four (A Murder of Crows, Death of a Raven, Brass Eagle, and Who Killed Cock Robin? ) have already been published - the new covers for these are shown above - and will publish one new title every month from now on. They’re doing only the Patrick and Ingrid novels and not, to begin with, the few one-offs. There are twenty five of them and they want first refusal on Maggots, the latest, as yet unpublished. As you might imagine, I’m thrilled to bits about this. You can read the first chapter of Maggots by clicking here.

At present I’m working on Carrion, which begins with someone taking a shot at Mark, Patrick’s little son, when he’s playing in the garden. You can read the first chapter of Carrion by clicking here.

November 12th, 2023

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