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Margaret Duffy

Music in the Blood

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James Carrick and Joanna McKenzie - Book 3

Kimberley Devlin is a young, beautiful and talented opera singer with a successful future ahead of her. Why should someone wan to drive a car at her and then bury her alive in a Scottish country park? It is a question to which DCI James Carrick, on holiday nearby, tries to find the answer, helping an overworked Glasgow CID friend. It quickly becomes obvious that this was no commonplace hit and run accident with the driver panicking and trying to conceal the victim but attempted murder, for Miss Devlin is not dead.

Carrick had gone on holiday with Joanna Mackenzie but they quarrel and she returns south. The partner in her private investigator business having died following a car accident she approaches Patrick Gillard, at this time working for MI5, as he had once offered her a job. He honours this and sends her straight back to Scotland where, at Castle Stalker, suspicious ‘cultural weekends’ are being organized by an Italian, Tony Capelli who has criminal connections and also happens to be Kimberley Devlin’s agent. Gillard cannot know, surely, that Carrick will shortly arrive at the castle too. Can he?

(Piatkus 1997)

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