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Margaret Duffy

Dead Trouble

Dead Trouble

Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 8 (2004)

When Ingrid Langley asks a renowned forensic pathologist for help with her new novel she little expects that he himself will soon end up dead in a mortuary. Professor John Norton is violently murdered in his home just off exclusive Ralph Allen’s Drive in Bath the evening after meeting Ingrid to give her background information.

The murder is investigated by DCI James Carrick. Patrick Gillard, who has been offered back his old job with MI5 but so far not accepted, decides to become involved anyway because Norton’s brother, Max, has a criminal record and is known to the security service due to links he had with an Irish terrorist organisation. The case is complicated by the fact that most of the pathologist’s family hated him for one reason or another, especially Max and his detestable wife, Sharleen.

(Allison and Busby 2004)

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