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Margaret Duffy

Rook Shoot

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Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 5 (1991)

A rugged, if not hair-raising, outdoor survival course isn’t Ingrid Langley’s idea of a second honeymoon, especially when professional sabotage is thrown in. But her husband Patrick Gillard’s brother Larry has asked for their help as Outward Bound-style trips he has been running in Wales for the children at the school where he teaches have hit trouble. Kit has been interferred with, ropes cut and, last time, someone even took a shot at him.

They uncover a school for terrorists, masquerading as a survival school, run by a ruthless criminal that is concealed in tunnels and caverns, a disused mine, within a mountain in a National Park. But in reality this man is a maverick undercover policeman with an agenda to catch all the world’s most wanted men by luring them to Wales. It is being done with the blessing of certain very senior personnel at the Home Office who definitely do not want MI5 to interfere even if it means utilising capture and inprisonment.

(Piatkus 1991)

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