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Margaret Duffy

Tainted Ground

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Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 10

Patrick Gillard’s attempts at finding a new career since leaving the army are meeting with depressing failure. That is until he recieves an offer from the Home Office to join the police in a fast-track recruitment scheme for ex-service personnel and professionals. The idea seems a fine one until he is initially recruited locally at a higher rate of pay, if not rank, than their friend, DCI James Carrick, an instant recipe for tension and resentment.

Three horrible murders take place, the victims strung up by their feet in a disused barn, and Ingrid Langley struggles to keep the peace between her husband and Carrick as they investigate. Shortly afterwards someone driving a digger smashes through the local churchyard wall and disinters a coffin from a grave. It is found but tests reveal that there had never been a body in it, all that remains of any contents is a little loose tea. It eventually becomes obvious that the two incidents are connected.

(Severn House 2005)

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