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Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 11

Patrick Gillard has now taken up a post as an ‘independent adviser’ to SOCA, the Serious Organized Crime Agency. Ingrid Langley, his wife, is to be a ‘consultant’, to him. They are immediately told to investigate the deaths of two members of the CID at Woodhill, East London. DCI Derek Harmsworth has been killed in a car crash and the DI, John Gray, who does not think his boss’s death was an accident is then killed during an apparent burglary. Those in higher authority at Woodhill see nothing suspicious in this but SOCA is called in anyway to set everyone’s mind at rest.

Both Gray and Harmsworth had been investigating the violent murder of MP Jason Giddings. Patrick and Ingrid have to determine whether they were killed because they were getting close to the person responsible or as a result of cases they worked on, separately and together, in the past.

(Severn House 2007)

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