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Margaret Duffy

Death of a Raven

Death of a Raven

Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard - Book 2

A British engineer, Andrew Quade, has been killed in Canada. His death, although resulting from what was ostensibly a car accident, is regarded as suspicious. Then, anonymous personal threats are made against the managing director of the company Quade worked for, DARE, the Devonport Admiralty Research Executive, a company that has a contract to design control systems for the new Canadian frigate programme. DARE is also engaged on secret work for the UK’s Ministry of Defence. The MOD becomes nervous for the safety of the remaining DARE personnel.

Patrick and Ingrid are sent out to Canada to join a strange house-party, living with the rest of the team in a house belonging to a British diplomat. They work under very difficult conditions partly because someone in MI6 has not cleared them with the Canadian Security Service. There is a suspicion that the British diplomat might not be all he should, in the pay even of a foreign country desperate to get hold of DARE’s blueprints.

(This edition Wyndham 2023)

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