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Margaret Duffy

Man of Blood

Man of Blood

Even the best of families have the occasional black sheep and the Ashleys of Ashleigh Hall are no exception. Son and heir Piers Ashley has blighted himself for ever in the eyes of his autocratic father and snobbish younger brother by involvement with a criminal gang in London, for which he has recently completed a prison sentence. But his mother and sister Thea are more forebearing and cannot believe that he has really gone wrong.

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They are right, for far from being a criminal he is working for F9, a police unit so secret, its personnel so deeply undercover, that they frequently spend time behind bars in order to continue gathering intelligence. On Ashey’s release from prison and return to his home he is confronted with serious personal danger, facing an enemy attacking the very heart of his family.

(Piatkus 1992)

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