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Margaret Duffy

Corpse Candle

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Ginny Somerville is working hard at her career in television when she receives news of her father’s death in Scotland. Ginny had not seen Dr Somervills since she was six years old — her mother had always told her that he was a hopeless drunkard — so she is surprised to discover that she inherits all his property which includes a house in a Scottish village.

Ginny reluctantly travels to Scotland to find that her inheritance is a rambling old manse in dire need of expensive repairs. She also meets her new neighbour, wildlife cameraman Andrew McQuade, who is drowning his sorrows after a serious climbing accident. McQuade speaks of her father with respect and affection but Giny can’t wait to return to what she regards as the civilised South. But when she further explores the manse and comes across a mouldering corpse in the cellar and her late father and the oddly attractive McQuade become the prime suspects she is forced to think again.

(Piatkus 1995)

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